Uhm. Yeah. I admit. I like the music and the message BTS has in their music and the way they are off-camera.

Who’s my bias? I have two:

J-HOPE – Arson [ pragativadi ]


Augst-D – Daechwita [ Soompi ]

With R.M.’s newest album, I’m beginning to like his poetry – not that I didn’t in the past… his live viewing to 200 lucky ticket holders shows some of his great hits and of course, his tinydesk replica 😉

Be sure to watch J-HOPE’s Lollapalooza concert, renamed “Hobipalooza”, which broke records with his Sunday show in Chicago. Insane shoutout to Michael Jackson, Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Becky G.

As for SUGA, he’s legendary along with all 7 of the boys. His MV, Deachwita has an insane presence and strong lyrics. A true rapper.

So yeah. Am I ARMY? Sure. Why not? :] Are you? Let me know.


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