I bought 2 **unlimited** hosting servers!!

I bought 2 **unlimited** hosting servers!!

Ok, bare with me, these hosting providers literally gave it to me dirt cheap. Can it be legit? I dunno yet. But with the savings of well over 99.999%, why not? If one dies, I have the other one, and I can stop paying monthly fees for domain hosting! 😛

The first one I got is from ibrave.io, claims to be.. the best web hosting to power your dreams & goals online! NOW WITH LIFETIME ACCESS PRICING….. Yup. So I bought it. Grabbed myself the “iBrave Hosting Unlimited Plan” for dirt cheap.

The second one I got is from bonohost.net, claims to be.. well, actually, there’s nothing on the main page. Must be really new. Grabbed myself the “All Unlimited” plan also for dirt cheap. I must of missed the memo, but I think this one might be the gold as it comes with node.js, a tool highly needed to run FoundryVTT via webserver. That itself is another long blog that I will post later.. I’m sure people whom search for DirectAdmin and FoundryVTT will find it someday…

But yeah, those two are supposed lifetime guaranteed…. we shall see. 🙂

[Updated notes here]

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